Saturday, June 23, 2012

Feeling Classy at the Ballet

My good friend bought me tickets to see the Bolshoi Ballet's production of Swan Lake for my birthday earlier this month...and I got super dressed up. Firstly because I will use any excuse to wear a dress, and secondly because my mom had bought this Betsy Johnson dress for me at Buffalo Exchange (you know, recycled stuff) last summer for INSANELY cheap, thinking that I could wear it to winter formal or prom.  But I decided not to go to any of the school dances, so I needed an occasion to wear this gorgeous cupcake thing.

This is me and my sister at the ballet.

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xoxo RetroClassy

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vintage Suede, Ruffles, and Striped Pants

Vintage is stiff and hard to wear.  But sometimes it's worth it right?  I felt like a sailor in these pants because, although my camera-phone photos don't reveal it, these pants are blue and white striped and are super nautical up close.  But then I realized that sailors don't wear ruffly crop tops and suede jackets....This jacket is actually real suede that I inherited from my grandmother.  Although I can't lift my arms in it, I like the shape it gives to the shoulders, and how it fits with the ruffles.  Sometimes masculine-inspired pieces are the most luxuriously feminine.  
This is definitely a contrast to the shorts and T-shirt I have been living in for the past week.  These are all of my grandma's old clothes, but the shoes are Steve Madden moccasins that I got at Nordstrom Rack. Thrifty thrifty thrifty........

-xoxo Retroclassy

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Arabian Inspired Summer

It's the black lips shirt again, but now with these absurdly bright pants.  I read somewhere that harem pants fall under the category of "worst trends ever"...But they are awesome, so whatever.  Harem pants might not create the most flattering line, but they exude effortlessness and exotica. I don't think they actually wear things like this in the Arabian Peninsula, but that "Arabian" is the word that cam to mind when
I saw them.  I wasn't going for bumblebee when I put this outfit together, but alas that is where I ended up. Just because of the style and texture of the fabric, I  was actually was thinking along the lines of early-20th-century-aristocracy-inspired-by-the-orient.  You know, those rich British girls who bought kimonos and Indian headscarves from the East India Trading Company.  Imperial Age.  Very romantic.